Children’s Services

 young girl at optometrists smiling as she tries on eyeglassesThe vision and visual system of a child develops and matures from birth to age six.  This is when kids develop the ability to see 20/20 and learn to use their eyes to interact with and learn from the world around them.  In fact, nearly eighty percent of what children learn comes from visual input from their eyes.

Each and every child should have a complete eye exam WITH dilated pupils before they are six years of age.  This is true even if they have passed screenings at their pediatrician’s office or at school.

Why?  The main reason is that children can have a high prescription that can be completely missed in screenings.

Hyperopia, or farsightedness impairs reading development, eye-hand coordination, and learning rate.  This condition can often be missed because the child can see clearly up close during the short duration of a school or pediatrician vision test.  The problem is that children with hyperopia cannot sustain this up close focusing.  As a result, the sustained efforts required for learning is greatly compromised.

At Spectrum Eyecare in Peachtree City, optometrist John Henahan performs a complete eye exam that includes a special form of dilation for children that will uncover hyperopia if it is present.  Once this type of exam is competed one time, it generally does not need to be repeated for three years or more.  For more information see our article on this site, called Vision, the most important school supply.

As the father of two children, Dr. Henahan understands the importance of a strong, early foundation of learning. Don’t let your children slip behind because of an easily diagnosed, easily treated vision problem. Usually eyeglasses is all that is needed. If you would like to schedule an eye examination for your child, click here, or contact us by phone at 770-487-0667.