Contact Lenses

In this era of technological advances in eyecare, contact lenses have not been left behind. At Spectrum Eyecare we continually evaluate new technology to be sure our patients can choose from the best available technology.

HD Bifocal Contact Lenses arrive!

2010 marked the introduction of HD Bifocal contact lenses from Ciba and Acuvue. These lenses represent a design that finally provides very good near vision without compromising distance clarity.  Older designs were plagued by compromised near and/or distance vision.

Perhaps you wear contacts and are tired of using reading glasses over them to see up close, or you have perfect distance vision but cringe at the idea of using drugstore readers to see your phone, computer or newspaper.  If this describes you these new lenses may be for you.  Even if you have tried and failed with older generation multifocals, the HD progressive lenses may be worth retrying.  They are so good they are even approved for airline pilots! Contact us or call 770 487 0667 to learn more.

New Material Advances for Safety and Comfort

New, silicone based, lenses provide a much higher level of oxygen transmission as compared with traditional materials. Lenses like the Acuvue Oasys take advantage of these materials to provide a greater degree of all day comfort, visual clarity and safety for millions of contact lens wearers. Even for patients who had previously failed in contact lenses due to poor comfort or dryness may be pleasantly surprised with these new lenses.

These new lenses are beneficial for children, especially because of the great safety margin they provide. If you want your child to see what is involved in caring for contacts, watch the following video

Advanced Astigmatism Contacts


Another advance has come in the form of vastly improved contact lenses for patients with astigmatism. Historically, these lenses have been plagued by poor consistency, poor comfort and high cost. Recently things have improved greatly, especially as a result of the superb new Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism. If you have been told in the past that you could not wear contacts because of astigmatism, you may be in luck!

Single wear, true one day disposable lenses offer the ultimate in safety and sterility. These lenses cost a bit more than regular contacts for the average person who wears contacts daily, but may be an ideal solution for the occasional wearer or those with severe allergy problems.

If you are ready to see if the next generation of contact lenses can benefit you, contact us or call 770 487 0667 to learn more.