Designer Eyeglasses

By scouring the globe for the latest eyeglasses, Dr Henahan and his team at Spectrum Eyecare have found unique, beautiful eyewear to meet the needs of the most demanding eyewear connoisseur! Scroll down to see some of the unique collections we have to offer. We have a huge selection at our office in Peachtree City. Stop by and see for yourself!

The most important thing is always to create eyewear that dresses the face. The frame and the face must interact to obtain a beautiful and harmonic look. They never strive for creating a design object that demands all the attention but rather a piece of eyewear that completes and enhances the lines of your face.


Tiffany Eyeglasses and Case Image of Tiffany LogoDesigned for the discriminating woman! Tiffany’s eyewear collection, which takes inspiration from the most iconic jewelry collection, celebrating stunning originality and enduring beauty. The first eyewear collection was launched in 2008.

Sweden is the country of design. Located in Malmo, I create the ga collection. Inspired by contemporary architecture, I use building shapes to create a high range frame. As a result geometrical and radical design targeting modern aesthetic.

The essence of technology and lightness, the Lightec brand, thanks to its exclusive Alpha hinge system, boasts spring and screw free products. The surgical grade stainless steel gives flexibility, solidity and robustness to this collection dedicated to men and women looking for technically advanced and minimalist products. You will be amazed by just how light and comfortable this eyewear is.

OakleyImage of Oakley Logo

Established in 1975, Oakley is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world with products that world-class athletes depend on to compete at the highest level possible. The holder of more than 750 patents, Oakley is also known for its lens technologies, including High Definition Optics.

Open your eyes to Kliik
Kliik Denmark is a line of ultra fashionable eyewear for men and women who understand the connection between style and statement.
Kliik is a collection of created through pure innovation for those seeking a fresh new way of seeing. Youthful styling, contemporary materials and fashion forward colors characterize the brand’s urban, ageless look.
This is one of our most popular lines and is perfect for the petite woman seeking to break away from the boring choices she has been forced to accept in the past

Coach Eyewear and Sunwear
The Coach Eyewear Collection is based on the fundamental principles of distinctive American style and enduring quality. The collections provide clean, modern shapes with classic styling and proprietary Coach treatments. With bold, wearable colorations and innovative temple design elements, the collection offers eyewear for both new and loyal Coach customers alike.

Coach’s 2010 line include beautiful new temple treatments. They redefine the classic and timeless elegance that have defined Coach from it’s inception.

Classic designs since 1937.  Iconic brand includes such classics as the Wayfarer, Aviator and a great collection of ophthalmic frames for your non sunglasses needs.