Prescription Lenses

The most surprising advance in eyewear recently is in the arena of eyeglasses lenses.  Yes, eyeglasses lenses!

None of us would have predicted, even a few years ago, that the lowly eyeglasses lens, a technology that has been around for centuries would undergo such a revolutionary advance.

The advent of HD lenses represents a quantum leap in manufacturing technology.  These lenses are especially beneficial to those of us who need both reading and distance correction in a single lens (sometimes called no-line bifocals, progressive lenses or multifocal lenses).  Persons with higher prescriptions especially astigmatism benefit from these designs as well, even if they do not need multifocals.

How do these HD lenses work?
Zeiss LogoThese lens designs provide two main advances. First, they are manufactured using digital lens surfacing technology which is 25 times more precise than traditional lens grinding techniques.

Second, you can think of HD lenses as “smart lenses”.  Traditional lenses have your true prescription only in the very center of the lens. As you look to the side you are no longer looking straight through the lens.  Instead, you are looking through the lens at an angle.  As a result, the lens power is not your true prescription anymore. For lower power prescriptions this change is quite tiny.  But for patients with higher prescriptions the difference can be very noticeable.  These new HD or smart lenses are designed with power changes across the surface of the lens that adjust for that angled view when you look off center, resulting in super clear vision from edge to edge in the lens.  The feeling can be similar to the first time you saw television in HD.

At Spectrum Eyecare, we constantly evaluate and test new advances in lens technology so we can guide our patients to the solution that works best for them.  As an independent doctor of optometry practice, we are free to scour the globe for what is best and bring those advances to you, rather than using what is dictated by corporate contracts.

If you want to experience the benefits of these lenses, contact us to request an appointment, or call us at (770) 487-0667.

Lens Enhancements

As important as having the most advanced lens designs is, ensuring your health and safety through several lens enhancements is a great investment.Anti reflective coating demo

Anti-Reflective Coatings: The most important enhancement is via Anti-Reflective coatings.  These camera lens like additions to the lens ensure that you look and see your best, by reducing unwanted reflections, especially when driving at night and looking at a back lit source such as a a computer monitor.

Transitions lensesTransitions: Transitions is for patients who wish to have their glasses automatically tint when outside in sunny conditions.  The newer Transitions VI technology becomes totally clear indoors, eliminating a common complaint of the older transitions lenses, as well as cheaper knock offs that are still plagued by inadequate clarity indoors.

Thinner lenses, stronger lenses

At Spectrum Eyecare in Peachtree City, we take the time to evaluate and understand each persons visual needs and how they use their eyeglasses.  Do you need the thinnest lenses possible?  Do you need your lenses to protect your eyes from possible impact?  Do your glasses always end up scratched?

Hi index lenses are much thinnerWhen deciding what material is best for you, Dr. Henahan and our optical staff try to understand all these questions, while also taking into consideration your prescription and the frame you have chosen.  Once we evaluate all these factors, we can be sure to provide the eyewear that fits best into your life.