FDA Recalls Second Brand of AVAIRA Contact Lenses

09 Dec

In a follow on to an earlier story we published about Avaira Toric lenses by CooperVision being recalled, the FDA yesterday expanded the recall and increased

Cooper Avaira box it’s seriousness by elevating it to a class I level.  This is the most serious level of recall the FDA uses.

In a story published in MedPage Today (12/9, Petrochko) reports about the FDA’s recall of CooperVision’s AVAIRA Aquaform Sphere Soft Contact Lenses. They “may have unintended silicone oil residue on the lens, which may cause symptoms that range from hazy/blurry vision, to discomfort, to eye injuries that require medical treatment.” The company’s “AVAIRA Tonic Soft Contact Lenses faced a similar recall in October due to the presence of silicone residue.” Patients can check their lens package lot number on a website to see if their contacts are part of the recall.

If your lenses are among the recalled lots, return them to the point of purchase or to your eye care practitioner.

For more information call CooperVision at 855-526-6737.

If you would like further assistance or an appointment, you may contact Spectrum Eyecare at 770-487-0667.

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