New Generation HD Bifocal Contact Lenses Are Here!

Spectrum Eyecare in Peachtree City | Bifocal Contact Lenses

You remember all the reasons you got contacts in the first place, right? Was it because you always saw yourself more like Superman than Clark Kent? But as time passed, you realized that your super vision was becoming a little less super.

Smartphones, computer screens – even your dashboard are acting like kryptonite to your eyes. And cheater readers, they are well…. so Clark Kent. What is the savvy superhero to do? How about suiting up with a new generation of HD bifocal contact lenses? They may not let you to leap tall buildings, but they may let you fly – these lenses are so good, they’ve been approved by the FAA for pilots*. You’ll no longer have to battle with your smartphone, text messages, incoming email or even the dreaded spreadsheet. In fact, these new generation lenses provide better distance vision and exceptional comfort in a quest for near vision greatness. About the only thing they can’t do is provide you with x-ray vision.

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*Pilots must meet FAA visual acuity requirements.