See Better with Digital Progressive Lenses – New Study

19 Aug

Clinical Trial Reveals Higher Patient Satisfaction with Customized Progressive Lenses

At Spectrum Eyecare in Peachtree City, Dr. John Henahan has been an early proponent of the new generation of digitally surfaced progressive lenses that have revolutionized visual performance especially for patients over 40 who need multifocal (progressive) lenses.  As early as 2008 Dr. Henahan began using this type of lens technology almost exclusively for progressive lenses.  This recently published study shows just how much better these lenses are when compared to older progressive designs.

Earlier this month, Carl Zeiss Vision released the results of a recent clinical trial conducted by the Clinical Research Center of The University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry by investigators Han, Graham, and Lin. The study compared a leading, fully customized, back-surface, free-form progressive lens, to a variety of conventional progressive lenses from major brands.

The UC Berkeley study found that a statistically significant majority of progressive lens wearers preferred the fully customized lens over the other lenses tested, in virtually every category of visual performance.

The study also found that fully customized lenses delivered:

  • higher overall satisfaction,
  • faster adaptation,
  • greater visual acuity,
  • wider near vision.

At Spectrum Eyecare, we pride ourselves on the rigor with which we evaluate new technologies to provide our patients the highest performing diagnostic equipment and eyewear.  If you are ready for your best ever vision, contact us or ask your doctor about next generation lenses.

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