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Be My Eyes App Let’s You Help the Visually Impaired Using Your iPhone

29 Jan

Be My Eyes iOS App I love being an eye doctor! Helping people experience the richness of life by giving them the best possible vision brings me a strong sense of satisfaction and purpose. But sometimes, people lose vision despite our best efforts. Sometimes, people are born with blindness or serious vision impairment. As eye […]

When the Eye Doctor has Vision Loss

01 May
Profile portrait of Dr. Henahan

A Sudden Change As an eye doctor, I have advised thousands of patients on just about every type of vision problem that can occur. I have always tried to be sensitive to the anxiety that can accompany the possibility that someone might be losing vision. But I had never experienced vision loss on my own, […]

It’s A Wonderful Life

02 Jan
Profile portrait of Dr. Henahan

One of my favorite holiday movies is “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring James Stewart and Donna Reed.  I find it hard to believe that the film was released in 1946!  I love the way in which the movie underscores the countless ways that our lives interconnect and how a seemingly insignificant encounter can profoundly affect […]

Dry Eye can be treated effectively

25 Oct
Patient shown receiving an eye examination

Dry Eye worsens in Fall & Winter Cooler weather brings relief to many of us after a long, hot summer.  Unfortunately for others, the colder weather and drier air also leads to a flare up in their dry eye symptoms, according to Dr. John L Henahan at Spectrum Eyecare in Peachtree City. The good news […]

Blurred vision when looking up close?

26 Aug
Patient shown receiving an eye examination

Blurred Vision and Near Vision Eyestrain? A recent article in the Wall Street Journal described the growing difficulties experienced by millions of adults over 40 with seeing the myriad of screens that they interact with on a daily basis. Traditional bifocal glasses and even older generation progressive (no line bifocal) lenses can fall woefully short […]

New Layer of Human Cornea Discovered

12 Jun
Image of bulging cornea in Keratoconus

Cornea – what is it? The human cornea is the main focusing lens of the eye. When someone puts a contact lens in the eye, the contact lens rests on the cornea. If you have LASIK, the laser reshapes the cornea.  When the cornea malfunctions, is damaged, or scarred due to infection, blindness can occur. […]