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Eye Injury Common during July 4th Celebrations

03 Jul

Here are some great eye safety tips from Bascom Palmer as published in the electronic version of Vision Monday. There are many dangers to consumer fireworks, such as severe eye injury and blindness, and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Health System is urging families to celebrate this Fourth of July holiday with […]

Be My Eyes App Let’s You Help the Visually Impaired Using Your iPhone

29 Jan

Be My Eyes iOS App I love being an eye doctor! Helping people experience the richness of life by giving them the best possible vision brings me a strong sense of satisfaction and purpose. But sometimes, people lose vision despite our best efforts. Sometimes, people are born with blindness or serious vision impairment. As eye […]

5 Steps to Protect Your Eyes this Summer

13 Jun
RayBan Wayfarer

As an eye doctor, I see many people in our community needlessly putting their eyes at risk with summertime activities. Here is a list of  five simple strategies to protect your eyes from damage now and in the future. 1)   Safety glasses: When working in your garden, mowing the lawn, blowing leaves, etc. you should […]

Macular Degeneration – a parent’s journey

06 May
Dr. Henahan and his father

In 2011 my father was diagnosed (by me) with the more severe wet form of macular degeneration.  Until just a few years ago, this diagnosis would inevitably lead to severe loss of central vision and legal blindness.  But now, due to exciting advances in treatment, my father has almost 20/20 vision in his eye.  This […]

When the Eye Doctor has Vision Loss

01 May
Profile portrait of Dr. Henahan

A Sudden Change As an eye doctor, I have advised thousands of patients on just about every type of vision problem that can occur. I have always tried to be sensitive to the anxiety that can accompany the possibility that someone might be losing vision. But I had never experienced vision loss on my own, […]